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Baby Muslim Girls Names - Find the unique & popular baby Muslim Girls Names with Urdu & English meanings. Best list of new & cool Muslim Girls Names for new born baby with detail meanings, origin & lucky number.

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Muslim Girls Names
Aabida - عابدہ Aabidah - عبيده Aabir - عابیر
Aabirah - عبيره Aabis - آبص Aabroo - عبرو
Aadab - ادب Aadila - أدلة Aaeedah - ايده
Aafiya - عافية Aafreed - -- Aaidah - أيده
Aaila - عائلة Aaima - أئمة Aaina - انا
Aaiqa - عائقہ Aaira - آئرہ Aa'isha - عائشہ
Aakifa - اقفى Aakifah - اكفه Aala - آلا
Aaleyah - -- Aalia - عالیہ Aalimah - اليمه
Aaliyah - علیہ Aamaal - اعمال Aamanee - أماني
Aamilah - اميله Aamira - أميرة Aamirah - اميره
Aan - آن Aani Fa - آنی فاطمه خاتون Aania - آنيا
Aanisah - انيسه Aapa - آپا Aaqilah - عقيله
Aara - آرا Aaraa - -- Aarifah - عارفه
Aasia - آسيا Aasimah - اسیمہ Aasira - أسيرة
Aasmaa - اسماء Aatifa - عطيفة Aatiq - عتیق
Aatiqah - اطيقه Aatirah - اطرح Aatoon - --
Aatun - -- Abal - ابل Abanhir - ابنھر
Abanna - ابننا Abannah - ابننہ Abarr - ابار
Abasah - عبسة Abashsh - اباشش

Islamic Girls Name

Islamic Girls Name – Nothing can match the joy and happiness that comes to the faces of proud parents when they hear from doctors “It’s a GIRL!” The birth of a female child is considered to be the blessing on the family by Almighty Allah. A girl brings peace, prosperity, and good luck to the family. Therefore special attention should be given while deciding her name. Explore the online Muslim Girls Name page that gives you detailed information about variety of Muslim Girl names listed in alphabetical order along with their meaning, origin, religion, popularity graph, and lucky number associated with it. Muslims living in Pakistan or oversees prefer to look for suitable Islamic Names for girls with meanings and other information in both English & Urdu languages.

The announcement of Muslim Girls Name along with distribution of sweets among family and friends is a trend that is followed by various families. For selecting the suitable Muslim baby girl name, parents take the advice of their elders, grandparents and other family members. In case they fall short of good suggestions, there is the online service of Muslim baby girl name page. Some parents decide the name even before the birth for both genders, while some wait for the birth to be official to select one. This page can be the answer to all the struggles and inquires that the parents are making to decide a suitable Muslim Girls Names for their little princess.

This page offers a huge database of Muslim baby girl names for your little princess along with beautiful meanings to grab your interest. For those who have certain favorite alphabets in mind, search for Muslim girls’ names accordingly starting from alphabet A and ending at Z. With each name you can find information of name’s origin, gender, meaning and popularity level. But the most significant information that interest parents are Muslim girl names with meaning and for Pakistani origin parents its Muslim girl names with meaning in Urdu. Girls Islamic Names are taken in accordance to Islamic literature, customs, and traditions. Meaningful and unique Girls Islamic Names are significant for Muslim families, as names reflect the personality of the child.

The online users of Pakistan, Canada, USA, UK, and Saudi Arabia can access the diverse database of Urdu Girls Names posted for the assistance of Pakistani parents. Muslim Girls Names Meaning in Urdu are available for those who prefer Urdu names with specific meaning that they can show to their elders of the family. You can access the details of each shortlisted girl name of your choice by simply clicking on the name once. This page offers you a huge range Islamic Names of Girls that are unique and trending and belong to different origins. Those who are in search of popular Muslim Girls Name can actually find an icon on the page that comprise of dedicated list of unique, old, and latest Islamic names of girls with meaning. The parents can start browsing our page days before the birth in advance to select a name. Do give your feedback!

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