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  Tahreem Tahreem Name Meaning
  Name Tahreem
تحریم   نام
  Gender Girl
لڑكی   جنس
  Meaning --
حرمت والی   معنی
  Origin --
  Lucky Number 10 ?

Tahreem Name Meanings in Urdu - Muslim Boys & Muslim Girls Names Dictionary and their meanings in Urdu & english with Lucky Number including what is the meaning of Tahreem. Find Tahreem meaning and definition at name dictionary a Best place to find your accurate name meanings in Urdu. Tahreem name reviews, Origin, gender, rating an many more about Tahreem .

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How do u find this name? Tahreem

Tahreem-(meaning) Banning, Prohibition dear brothers and sisters with no disrespect to anyone it is prohibited to name your child after bad personality like firaun etc or the name of any false god etc and also somthing wrong like you cannot name your haraam or tahreem in this case which means banning or prohibition Allah knows best

Abdullah , Mumbai Sun 30 Nov, 2014

Hi my daughter name is TAHREEM I LOVE MY daughter.

tahreem , fateh jang Sun 12 Oct, 2014

my nam is tehreem,i m worrid about it's meanig but now i m satisfd.

tehreem , malikwal Thu 11 Sep, 2014

My daughter name tehreem fatima.. She is so qute ... 2month and 14days only..

talat , fatehjang Mon 14 Jul, 2014

Dear brothers and sister. There can be no affect of names on you. Every you have is made and given to you by your self and surroundings. A human can do anything. So believe in your self and walk the right path as given by Allah Almighty.

Waseem , Lahore Thu 08 May, 2014

I like my name really much. Its really nice. Thanks to my mother

Tehreem Fatima , sargodha Sun 04 May, 2014

My beloved daughter name is also Tehreem Hashmi, and she is in Grade-1, Her D.O.B is 17/12/2007, Is this name suits her?

Adnan , Sargodha Wed 09 Apr, 2014

hi my daughter name is tahreem but actual meaning of that does know . plz suggest its is right name as per quran .

aatif mirza , patna Fri 07 Mar, 2014

My daughter name tehreem qureshi.. She is so qute ... 3 days only..

Mujib qureshi , Khajrana Indore MP Thu 06 Mar, 2014

HI! u guys my name is tahreem and i just wanted to know that is that a good name and what does it mean the one i know is that tahreem means respect welll thats what my name means and my name is tahreem as well!?

Tahreem , Ohio Wed 08 Jan, 2014

HIII my name is RUMANI TEHREEM.n i love my name. i like my name more than me. thnx to my mother

INDIA , MAHARASHTRA Fri 27 Dec, 2013

The meaning of name Tahreema is Sacred , Prestigious (izat \ Hurmat wali)

Tehreema Hassan , Rahimyar khan Sat 16 Nov, 2013

my name is Tehreem and this is a good name

tehreem , okara Sun 10 Nov, 2013

My nAme iXx TAHREM.. em b0rn in fsd.. likeX choclate.. lvz shahrukh.. <3

tahreem , faisalabad Thu 07 Nov, 2013

hi.frndz i love the girl named tahreem i love her so much and my name is Muhammad Junaid...................................................plz pray for me plzzzzzzzzzzz plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Muhammad Junaid , Rahim Yar Khan Sat 19 Oct, 2013

I got doughter ALHAMDHOLILLAH and my wife suggsted name TAHREEM pl tell me about this name is it right according to islamic piont of viue.

TARIQ MALIK , LAHORE Wed 25 Sep, 2013

salam my name is tehreem fatim and i was born on 23 aug 1997 me tell me about my future :)

tehreem fatima , Rawalpindi Thu 29 Aug, 2013

my girlfriend name is tahreem and i love u so much usman 4rm mianwali

usman , mianwali Thu 22 Aug, 2013

my lovely daughter name is tahreem khan she bron today 16 aug 2013

irfan ahmed khan , sahiwal Fri 16 Aug, 2013

tehreem my douhter name she is very CUTE and this born on 30 dec 2004 syeda Humaira Naeem 2 auguest 2013

syeda Humaira,naeem , karachi Fri 02 Aug, 2013