Poet: Aftab M Shaikh
By: Aftab M Shaikh, karachi

Har Chehray Main Wohi Chehra Dikhai Deta Hay
Woh Mera Khuch Bhi Nahin Magar Apna Dikhai Deta Hay

Dil Se Dil Ko Raah Hochuki Shayed
Mera Dil Usi Kay Naam Dharkta Dikhi Deta Hay

Woh Nazar Se Lakh Doar Sahi Magar Kia Hay Gham
Aankhain Band Karlon To Nazdeek Dikhai Deta Hay

Aftab Kia Yeh Andaz Muhabat Ka Naam To Nahin
Raah Per Nazar Rakhtay Ho Intizar Uska Dikhai Deta Hay

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About the Author: Aftab M Shaikh

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By: *.__.*DESIRE*.__.*), HYDERABAD on Sep, 08 2010
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good,,,,,,,so i want 2 dedicate my best friend,
By: sajjal, sialkot on Dec, 22 2009
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