Love Poetry & Romantic Shayari in Urdu

Love Poetry & Romantic Shayari in Urdu

The love poetry for loved ones enables readers to express their emotions. People who enjoy reading quality poetry are fond of romantic poetry and love shayari. Love poetry in urdu explores the "reality of the imagination" as opposed to scientific truth. It is love shayari & romantic poetry of the heart and the emotions. Many famous poets have written beautifully romantic poetry & love poetry in Urdu language as Urdu itself is a beautiful language that inculcates all the emotions so well. Love poetry became known for its emphasis on imagination and emotion as well as the natural world. Readers of shayari in urdu love have their preferences. You can share in the form of sms love poetry in urdu text, images & download with your friends, husband, wife and other loved ones.

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Zara Yaad Kar zara yaad kar
zara yaad kar..
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Love / Romantic Poetry in Urdu

The love poetry or Romantic poetry is an effective medium to express your feelings towards a person who is much special to you. It is a reason that poets of different languages do Love Poetry. The romantic Shayari in Urdu is much popular among people as they often share or love poetry in Urdu with their loved ones. Here, you can read poetry love of different genres including Ghazals and Nazms. Two lines and four lines Urdu poetry is also present.

The expression of feeling toward a person needs a medium of love Shayari. However, urdu poetry provides a good opportunity for a person to show that how much he/she admire a person. The good thing about the romantic Shayari is that it builds a strong connection between two people.

Love Shayari & Romantic Shayari

No one can deny the significance of love poetry in the Urdu language. A connection between two people seems incomplete until unless they show their affection towards each other in the form of shayari in urdu love. Here, you can read love & romantic shayari from several great poets.

In the modern era, several people want to read and share short poems instead of large ones. It is a reason that the Love Poetry sms is gaining popularity among people. On the other side, the romantic poetry in urdu is also a good way to express any topic in short verses.

It has been rightly said that love is the only reason for World’s existence. Love makes the world a place to live. Urdu shayari love is surely the language of love that is used to express your true emotions. Romantic urdu poetry is a proved matter that poetry enhances reader’s emotional life. It is a human factor that they relate Poetry to their personal experiences in life. Love Quotes in Urdu plays a major role to explain your true feelings that you do not want to hide. It requires concentration, patience and attention of reader. Love poetry in urdu text has been evolved many times and emerged several themes of romanticism. love shayari urdu is not just famous in East but also in West. It became popular in the era of 60s, 70s, 80s, and 90s.

In today’s modern era of connectivity, people love to share romantic poetry. If you want to enlighten the mood of others with urdu poetry love you can share it with others. Here, you can find different sharing options regarding the Romantic Shayari. You can post it on Facebook as a status and can share it in a form of an image on WhatsApp.

Love poetry urdu is not restricted to “lovers” but addresses to those who have experienced the desire to be loved. We have melodious, broken heart and breathtaking awesome collection of love poetry in urdu, Love Quotes in Urdu, and love poems that are romantic and gentle to perceive. You can read, share and submit love shayari in urdu & hindi online on Express your love with compelling romantic Love Poetry to your husband, wife, friends and family. You can access some of the selected premium Love Shayari collection from some of the renowned names of Urdu literature including Jaun Elia, Mirza Ghalib, Ahmed Faraz.