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Heart Touching Poetry, Shayari in Urdu

Heart Touching Poetry, Shayari in Urdu

Heart Touching Poetry is best way to express your words and emotion. Check out the amazing collection of express your feeling in words. This section is based on a huge data of all the latest Poetry Heart Touching love & sad that can be dedicated to your family, friends and love ones. Convey the inner feelings of loving heart with this world’s largest love heart touching poetry in urdu 2 lines sms & heart touching quotes in Urdu ghazal compilation that offers an individual to show the sentiments through words.

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Heart Touching Poetry

Say your heart loud with Heart Touching Poetry and express all the feelings of your heart in the form of poetic verses with this amazing Heart Touching Poetry collection. Love, hate, happiness, sadness these all emotions every human keeps in their heart and express them in different situations especially love, loyalty, hate, and the feelings of the heart in their life. We have come up with the best Shayari compilation that is based on meaningful poetry.

This Heart Touching Poetry in Urdu Copy Paste collection is taken from the famous and renowned poets of the Urdu language who have converted the hearty emotions in the form of Heart Touching Quotes in Urdu. Almost all the famous poets from past and present have penned down a lot of Heart Touching Poetry 2 Line as well including Mir Taqi Mir, Mirza Ghalib, Parveen Shakir, and Wasi Shah. Ghazals, Nazams, short poetry based on mixed feelings have gathered here for all looking for the best compilation of Heart Touching Shayari.

Heart touching poetry has the power to evoke strong emotions in its readers and listeners. It speaks directly to the heart and soul, tapping into our deepest feelings and emotions. Some famous poets who have written heart touching poetry include Rumi, Ahmed Faraz, Jaun Elia, Parveen Shakir and Wasi Shah, to name just a few.

This page is comprised of the poetries of old poets as well as new poets who have a strong grip over their way of writing and delivered the exact sentiments of heart in their Heart Touching poetry 2 line write-ups. We have also provided this Heart Touching sad & love Quotes for all the reader who wants to share it in a pictorial form. Readers can also find Poetry Heart Touching images in Urdu and Urdu written text of their favourite poetry.

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In the love and romantic poetry section, you can find sweet and loving poems for those who enjoy reading about love in poetry.

  • Rohaan , Hyderabad
  • Mon 18 Sep, 2023

love and romantic poetry section is perfect for those in search of romantic verses to express their emotions

  • Dilawar , DG Khan
  • Thu 14 Sep, 2023

A haven for romantics, featuring a beautiful selection of love and romantic poetry to express deep emotions and sentiments.

  • Minsa , Tibat
  • Sun 10 Sep, 2023