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 اسے تو پاس خلوص وفا ذرا بھی نہیں 
From this page I especially read the Ghazalz of Anwar Masood because he have an ability to write Ghazal in funny poetry way. He also write some different poetries.
By: naila, khi on Jun, 22 2018
 قربت بھی نہیں دل سے اتر بھی نہیں جاتا 
This Ghazal by Ahmed Faraz belongs to the category of Sad Ghazal, although he dont have a large collection of Sad poetries but in a few this one is most beautiful due to the words which he used.
By: afshan, khi on Jun, 22 2018
 جِس کی یادوں نے 
جِس کی یادوں نے ہمیں پَل پَل مارا ہے
ہم نے اس کیلئے دعا کرتے پل پل گزارا ہے
By: uzma, Lahore on Jun, 21 2018
 میرا دِل مجھ سے خفا خفا ہے 
Very nice,,,,
By: Mini, mandi bhauddin on Jun, 21 2018
 Me Kya Hon Mein Kon Hon
Great Poetry!!!
By: Malik, Rohtak on Jun, 20 2018