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 اب ان سے اور تقاضائے بادہ کیا کرتا 
Nasir Kazmi is famous in the subcontinent due to his ability to choose simple words to express their feelings. Love the second last line 'Bus Ek Chehra Kitabi Nazar Me Hai Nasir' this such a lovely line by Nasir Kazmi.
By: hira, lhr on Jan, 21 2019
 سینہ و دل حسرتوں سے چھا گیا 
Dard Kuch Kuch Bik Tou Chonka Gaya, what a line where Khwaja Mir Dard used Takhallus in amazing style. On this poetry the poet was in sad mood and express his feeling of sadness with using simple words which I like.
By: ghazala, khi on Jan, 21 2019
 درمیاں گر نہ ترا وعدۂ فردا ہوتا 
Hello, I am Sana and I am very thankful to Rubab whi share such a lovely poetry by Anwar Masood on this page, actually I love the Ghazalz of Anwar Masood because the way when he wrote Ghazal make him unique with other poets.
By: sana, khi on Jan, 21 2019
 اس کے کوچے سے جو اٹھ اہل وفا جاتے ہیں 
Sad and heart touching Shayari by one of the renowned poet Mir Taqi Mir, this page is amazing where I am easily find the poetry of any poet which I want. 'Is Kai Kochay Se Jo Uth' is one of the best sad kalam.
By: danial, khi on Jan, 21 2019
 موزوں کلام میں جو ثنائے نبی ہوئی 
Abul Kalam Azad had a great ability to wrote poetry in Persian, many of the poets translate his various kalam in Urdu and other language, here I am successfully find his famous Naat 'Mozoon Kalam Me' these every lines are beautiful.
By: saima, khi on Jan, 21 2019