Bol Ki Lab Aazaad Hai.N Tere

Poet: Faiz Ahmed Faiz
By: Shahid Iqbal, Faisalabad

Bol Ki Lab Aazaad Hai.N Tere
Bol Zabaa.N Ab Tak Terii Hai
Teraa Sutawaa.N Jism Hai Teraa
Bol Ki Jaa.N Ab Tak Terii Hai
Dekh Ke Aaha.Ngar Kii Dukaa.N Me.N
Tu.Nd Hai.N Shole Surkh Hai Aahan
Khulane Lage Quffalo.N Ke Dahaane
Phailaa Har Ek Zanjiir Kaa Daaman
Bol Ye Tho.Daa Waqt Bahot Hai
Jism-O-Zabaa.N Kii Maut Se Pahale
Bol Ki Sach Zi.Ndaa Hai Ab Tak
Bol Jo Kuchh Kahane Hai Kah Le

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About the Author: Shahid Iqbal

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 Reviews & Comments
Faiz Ahmed Faiz, he is one my favorite poet, his poetry are superb and have uniqueness in his own. I listened him in Karachi Arts Council, his poetry and personality both of them are inspiring. He wrote many meaningful poetry for all ages person.
By: Jawwad Usman , Lahore on Oct, 09 2013
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Wah faiz......we miss you
By: Maiser Majeed, Srinagar kashmir on Nov, 30 2012
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