Wo Beirada Hi Sahi

Poet: Noshi Glani
By: Rashid Lateef, Faisalabad

Wo Beirada Hi Sahi, Titlioon Mein Rehta Hai
Ke Mera Dil To Meri Muthioon Mein Rehta Hai

Mein Apne Hath Se Dil Ka Ghala Daba Doon Gi
Mere Khilaaf Yahi Shazishoon Mein Rehta Hai

Bacha Ke Khud Ko Ghuzrna Mahaal Lagta Hai
Tamam Shehar Mere Rastoon Mein Rehta Hai

Meri Kitaab-E-Mohabbat Mein Uska Ziker Nahi
Wo Khush Khayal Ghalat Fehmioon Mein Rehta Ha

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About the Author: Rashid Lateef

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By: Radha rani, San Francisco CA USA on Jan, 27 2016
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nice poetry
By: sara, lahore on Mar, 08 2013
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your poetry is very nice
i like it.
By: M.usmsn, Faisalabad on Oct, 28 2012
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