Mujh Se Pehley Ke Din

Poet: John Elia
By: Shahid Iqbal, lahore

Mujh Se Pehley Ke Din
Ab Bahot Yaad Aaney Lageyn Hai Tumeh
Khuab O Ta'abeer Ke Gumshudah Silsiley
Barha Ab Sataney Lagey Hain Tumeh
Dukh Jo Pahoonchey They Tum Se Kisi Ko Kabhee
Dair Tak Ab Jaganey Lagey Hain Tumeh
Ab Bahot Yaad Aaney Lagey Hain Tumeh
Apney Woh Ehdo Paiman Jo Mujh Se Na They
Kaya Tumeh Mujh Se Ab Kuch Bhee Kehna Nahee

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About the Author: Shahid Iqbal

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no lines were meeting each other what is this John Elia i am your fan and what is this i hate that poetry above i am note sure its really John Elia's poetry but if it is then i am your fan anymore.
By: Ushar, khi on Sep, 08 2015
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