Tujh Se Gilay Karoon Tujhe Janaa’n Manaaon Main

Poet: John Elia
By: Mohammad Asif , Lahore

Tujh Se Gilay Karoon Tujhe Janaa’n Manaaon Main
Ik Bar Apne Aap Mein Aaon To Aaon Main

Dil Se Sitam Ki Be’saro Kaari Hawaa Ko Hai
Woh Gard Urraa Rahi Hai Ke Khud Ko Ganwaaon Main

Naadim Hoon Woh Ke Jis Pe Nadaamat Bhi Ab Nahin
Woh Kaam Hain Ke Apni Judai Kamaaon Main

Kyon’kar Ho Apne Khawab Ki Aankhon Mein Wapsi
Kis Taur Apne Dil Ke Zamamon Mein Jaaon Main

Ik Rang Si Kamaa’n Ho Khushbu Sa Ik Teer
Marham Si Ik Wardaat Ho Aur Zakham Khaon Main

Shikwa Sa Aik Dareecha Ho Nasha Sa Ik Sakoot
Ho Shaam Aik Sharab Si Aur Larr’khraon Main

Phir Is Gali Se Apna Guzar Chahta Hai Dil
Ab Is Gali Ko Kaunsi Basti Se Laaon Main

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Master of Poetry and all Poets......
By: Saqian Punnu bhai, karachi on Mar, 11 2016
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best poetry i ever read from poet, i am big fan of Jon elia poetry and love to read it. I've also collected so many books having there poetry and cuttings of newspapers publish its poetry. I also want to create some sort of library for Jon elia poetry and need funds for it. If anyone helps me please contact or post comment here.
By: Irfan Shah, Lahore on Oct, 08 2015
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the thing which i like the most about John he was very down to earth, no one can write in his way, in short he was the only one.
By: Sajid , Okara on Mar, 10 2014
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Jaun Elia was a famous poet from Pakistan. Sadly Jaun Elia was not able to write too many poetry books.but what ever he write it was awesome and still remember his poetry
By: Farhat Perveen, lhr on Nov, 07 2013
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I like most of the Jaun Elia's poetry and Ghazals and I believe that Jaun Elia was a notable Pakistani Urdu-language poet, philosopher, biographer, and scholar. I like his notable poetry such as Shayad, Yaani, Lekin, Gummaan, Goya all of them wonderful.
By: Zubair Tariq, Karachi on Oct, 09 2013
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No words to describe how Joen Alia describes the emotions in a very subtle way. He is a true poet in the right sense. Thanks for contributing his poetry on this website.
By: Najam, Muscat, Oman on Jan, 17 2013
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