Tu Mil Gaya Hy To Khud Apni Zat Sy Bhi Gaye

Poet: Mohsin Naqvi
By: Anas Ali, 194 R,B Faislabad

Sakoon k Din Sy Furaghat Ki Rat Sy B Gaye
Tujhy Ganwa K Bharri Kainaat Sy B Gaye

Juda Huwy The Mgr Dil Kabhi Na Toota Tha
Khafa Huwy To Tery iltfat Sy B Gaye

Chaly To Neel Ki Gehraiya'n Theen Ankh0n Men
Palat K Aaye T0 M0j-E-Furaat Sy B Gaye

Khayal Tha K Tujhy Pa K Khud Ko Dhoonden Gy
Tu Mil Gaya Hy To Khud Apni Zat Sy B Gaye

Bichar K Khat B Na Likhy Udas Yaron Ny
Kabi Kabi Ki Adhoori Si Bat Sy B Gaye

W0 Shakh Shakh Lachakty Huwy Badan ""MOHSIN""!
Mujhy To Mil Na Saky Tery Hath Sy B Gaye

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About the Author: Anas Ali

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kon hota h gam e hasti me shareek ???
Shakh b sukhe patty giraa deti hai..
By: vania bukhari, lahore on Jan, 09 2016
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Am a very big fan of Moshin Naqvi.. Azaab-e-Deed is the best book i have read that 3 or 4 time know i lost that book , and its not available in market know can any one have this book then plzz do let me know
By: Maher Afshan , lhr on Nov, 06 2013
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