Tum Nahi Fitana-Saz Sach Sahab

Poet: Mir Taqi Mir
By: Rabia, Karachi

Tum Nahi Fitana-Saz Sach Sahab

Shahar Pur-Shor is Gulam Se Hai

Koi Tujh Sa Bhi Kash Tujh Ko Mile

Mudda Hum Ko Intaqam Se Hai

Sher Mere Hain Sab Khvas Pasand

Par Mujhe Guftagu Awam Se Hai

Sahal Hai ‘Meer’ Ka Samajhana Kya

Har Sukhan Usaka Ik Maqam Se Hai

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About the Author: Rabia

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Vry nyc
By: Rana waQax , RohillanWali on Sep, 19 2014
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Outstanding lines very amazing and fantasy lines my type of shair i like all Mir Taqi Mir shairs i also have learn many of their shairs .
By: Emran, karachi on Jan, 20 2014
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