By: m ahmed, sibi

Ishq Qatil Se Bhi Maqtool Se Hamdardi Bhi
Ye Bata Kis Se Muhabbat Ki Jaza Mangega

Sajda Khaliq Ko Bhi Iblees Se Yaarana Bhi
Hashar Main Kis Se Aqeedat Ka Sila Mangega

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About the Author: m ahmed

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 Reviews & Comments
From which book ??
By: Hibbah, Islamabad on Nov, 09 2017
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I am an atheist.. i like his poems
By: dhiraj subba, nepal on Mar, 07 2015
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4 line mein mashallah allama iqbal ne bahut bada message diya hai Allah unki maqfirath farmaaye !
By: sulayman, hyderabad on Jan, 04 2015
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I love Allama Iqbal ,s poetry , because it has a great massage in it for Muslim .
By: amin khan , jhelum on Sep, 10 2014
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bit correction bro, its message not massage
By: bilal, Mumbia on Jan, 02 2015
Masha Allah bhetareen alfaaz he. Iqbal saab ku to mera salaam
By: Muhammad Irshad, hyderabad on Mar, 30 2014
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