Siskian Leti Howi Ghamgeen Hawaon, Chup Raho

Poet: Qateel Shifai
By: Waqar Ali, Karachi

Siskian Leti Howi Ghamgeen Hawaon, Chup Raho
So Rahain Hain Dard, In Ko Mat Jagao, Chup Raho

Raat Ka Pathar Na Pighlay Ga Shuaaon Ke Bagair
Subaah Honay Tak Na Bolo Ham Nawao, Chup Raho

Band Hain Sab Mai Kaday, Saaqi Banay Hain Mohtasib
Ay Garajti Goonjti Kaali Ghataaon,Chup Raho

Tum Ko Hai Maaloom Aakhir Kon Sa Mausam Hai Ye
Fasl-e-Gul Aanay Talak Ay Khushnawao, Chup Raho

Soch Ki Deewaar Se Lag Kar Hain Gham Baithay Howay
Dil Mein Bhi Naghma Na Koi Gungunao, Chup Raho

Chhat Gaye Haalaat Ke Baadal Tou Dekha Jaaye Ga
Waqt Se Phele Andhairay Mein Na Jao, Chup Raho

Kiun Shareek-e-Gham Banaatay Ho Kisi Ko Ay “Qateel” ?
Apni Sooli Apne Kaandhay Per Uthaao, Chup Raho

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About the Author: Waqar Ali

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 Reviews & Comments
He expose his emotions be easily in his poetry and one more quality is that his poetry always without vulgarity.
By: Mohammad junaid sheikh, Karachi on May, 12 2016
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Every person who loves the poetries always read the poetries of Qateel shifai, I also like and read it when I feel free, in this site we get such a lovely collections.
By: ibrahim, khi on Nov, 08 2015
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I want to say thanks to Waqar Ali from karachi because he share such a beautiful poetry by Qateel Shifai. This session of the poetry specially the ghazals is my most favorite, some times I read it.
By: jamshed, khi on Oct, 02 2015
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The lyrics of this Qateel Shifai poetry takes me back to the time when I used to be in love. Khair still this is my favorite one. Dedicating it to a special friend of mine.
By: Yasir, Lahore on Aug, 13 2015
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