Shaam Ko Sogwaar Kartay Rahay

Poet: Noshi Gilani
By: Waqar Ali, Karachi

Shaam Ko Sogwaar Kartay Rahay
Ham Tera Intezaar Kartay Rahay

TU Tou Kaar-e-Jahan Mein Tha Masroof
Aur Hum Tujh Se Pyaar Kartay Rahay

Kis Lye Vasl Ki Kahani Mein
Hijr Ko Hissaydaar Kartay Rahay

Dil Ko Bas Mubtala-e-Gham Rakha
Wehshaton Ka Shumaar Kartay Rahay

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Print Article Print 16 May, 2014
About the Author: Waqar Ali

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Noshi Gillani is one of my favorite female Poet after Parveen Shakir. Hes Poetry always Inspires me to turn my thoughts into words. Well appraised work.
By: Sanam, Lahore on May, 12 2015
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