Chand Nikale Kisi Jaanib Teri Zebaai Kaa

Poet: Faiz Ahmed Faiz
By: Waqar Ali, Karachi

Chand Nikale Kisi Jaanib Teri Zebaai Kaa
Rang Badale Kisi Suurat Shab-E-Tanhaai Kaa

Daulat-E-Lab Se Phir Ai Khusrav-E-Shirin-Dahan
Aaj Rizaa Ho Koi Harf Shanaasai Ka

Diidaa-O-Dil Ko Sambhalo Ki Sar-E-Shaam-E-Firaaq
Saaz-O-Saamaan Baham Pahuncha Hai Ruswai Ki

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Print Article Print 23 May, 2014
About the Author: Waqar Ali

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 Reviews & Comments
Good poetry, I read many of his poetry and Faiz is famous all over Pakistan. He is inspirational poet with good urdu content express feeling of others in kind words.
By: Taimoor, Karachi on Nov, 19 2015
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I love this amazing Faiz Ahmed Faiz poetry verses and would like to dedicate this one to my family. Thank you HamariWeb
By: Parveen, Lahore on Aug, 13 2015
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