Poet: faiz Ahmad Faiz
By: Arbaz Alam Tauri, Nankana Sahib

Ishq Minat Kaash E Qarar Nahe
Husan Majboor E Intizaar Nahe

Teri Ranjish Ki Intiha Maloom
Hasrtoo Ka Meri Shumaar Nahe

Zer E Lab Hy Abi Tabasum E Dost
Muntashir Jalwa E Bahaar Nahe

Apni Takmeel Kar Rha Ho Mein
Warna Tujh Sy To Mujh Ko Pyaar Nahe

Faiz Zinda Rahen Wo Hain To Sahe
Kiya Hua Gar Wafa Sha'aar Nahe

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About the Author: Arbaz Alam Tauri

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 Reviews & Comments
Faiz Ahmed Faiaz is a very famous poet and also my Legend in this poetries industry I am a very old follower and fan of his poetries and I am still waiting for his new poetries
By: Raheel, Lahore on Aug, 02 2016
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Faiz use his name in the last stanza very intelligently, I like "Faiz Zinda Rahen Wo Hain To Sahe", this is also my favorite collection which I share.
By: maleeha, khi on Nov, 30 2015
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The best poetry of Faiz Ahmed Faiz, what I like the most in this short ghazal is the third line. Can i have the same poetry in Urdu text format? Please let me know if there is any translation tool on
By: Bint-e-Zehra, khi on Oct, 06 2015
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The topic of Ishq by Faiz Ahmad Faiz is good to write poetries, I read many of the books because he presence every words with full of sweetness, in this site I just check the sharing of Faiz Ahmad Faiz.
By: irfan, khi on Aug, 21 2015
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Faiz Ahmed Poetry is the one thing I always adore because whatever he wrote it is amazing and I am a firm believer that his poetry creates a very good impact on person behavior.
By: Saad, Peshawar on Aug, 06 2015
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