Poet: Waqar Ali
By: Waqar Ali, Pakistan

Na Usey Rab Ne Haseeno'n Sa Banaya Hota
Meri Halat Pe Bura Waqt Na Aya Hota

Ye Bhi Kiya Kam Thi Qayamat Mere Sheher Pe WAQAR
Aur Kehta Hai Tu Wo Laut Ke Aya Hota

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Print Article Print 17 Nov, 2014
About the Author: Waqar Ali

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kash k aap se mill pate allama M,,,,,,,naqvi sahab
By: meer sahab, kanpur india, on Jan, 14 2016
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What an amazing way to put your verdict forward. I love every bit of this amazing abstract from Mohsin Naqvi poetry and would like to dedicate it to all my friends of college.
By: Ikram, Larkana on Oct, 21 2015
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Sometime its good to read poetry even if you read only one poem at a day it is good thing you do to make your mind relax.
By: Zohra, Peshawar on Aug, 06 2015
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