Meray Baba

Poet: hurul aein
By: hurul aein, gujranwala

Tumhain Jb Sochti Hun Me
Ye Ankhain Bheeg Jati Hain
Sabar Ye Toot Jata Hai
Sath Sb Choot Jata Hai

Tumhain Jb Yad Karti Hun
Dua Har Baar Karti Hun
Kaash K Loat Ao Tum
Me Rab Sy Faryad Karti Hun

Zindagi Ki Mushkilun Sy Jb
Me Himaat Haar Jati Hun
Tumhara Shafqaton Wala Hath
Sar Py Har Bar Pati Hun

Karakti Dhoop Me Aksar
Me Jb Thak Haar Jati Hun
Tumhara Saya Mery Baba
Me Apny Pas Pati Hun

Bht Baichain Rehti Hun
Tumhain He Yad Karti Hun
Kash K Loat Ao Tum
Me Tum Sy Pyar Karti Hun

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About the Author: hurul aein

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By: masood, mecca on Aug, 29 2018
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I could not understand the topic of Mohsin Naqvi poetry but there are many coollections are available in this site I will read and give my remarks, usually I like to read ghazals.
By: aqib, khi on Oct, 26 2015
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I love this poetry collection of Mohsin Naqvi and would like to dedicate them to my father who lives in another city. I miss him a lot and these lyrics of poetry are the words of my heart for him.
By: Aliya, Lahore on Sep, 29 2015
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Mohsin naqvi is not much a famous poet but I like "Mere Baba", it is also an emotional poetry which make you emotional, I specially like the second stanza of it which is superb, I will also share some more.
By: azmeer, khi on Aug, 21 2015
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