Strive For Independence

Poet: Fatima Obaid
By: Fatima obaid, rawalpindi

we; celebrating independence
though; we are still the slave
not of cruel people
but of our Nafs
we are free from out
by fully caged from in
we have to strive now
for a future of bright
we have to raise our slogan
not by voice but deeds
we have to raise our Flag to high
where sun never at it die
nourish your passion with history
'history' of warriors and survivors
feed it with the practice of Islam
for as Real victory comes from here
And with your action and deed
tell the world we were 'sown seed'
who had and have Holy creed
Pakistan will never shall die
but we have to raise it high
so that nation of Next will,
say everywhere with pride
we are pearls! we are Muslim!
we are pearls! we are Muslim!

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Print Article Print 10 Jun, 2016
About the Author: Fatima obaid

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