Un Ki Yaad

Poet: HuKhaN
By: hukhan, karachi

Chalo Usay Bhool Jatay Hein
Ju Lamhay Ubh Bee Tarpatay Hein
Kia Koi Asay Bee Yaad Atay Hein
Yadun Mein Kabi Hansatay Kabi Rulatay Hein
Din Tu Yun Hee Guzar Jatay Hein
Shaam Ko Diya Ubh Bee Hum Jalatay Hein
Yadun Mein Bas Wohee Muskaratay Hein
Kabi Hum Kabi Wo Jeet Jatay Hein
Han Ajh Bee Bhut Yaad Atein Hein
Udaasi Mein Unhi Ki Yaad Say Muskara Patay Hein
Majal Yaad Hu Pas Unki Khan
Hum Bila Waja Hee Chamak Say Jatay Hein

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About the Author: hukhan

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By: Mini, mandi bhauddin on May, 21 2017
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alaa wah
By: rahi, karachi on May, 19 2017
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