han tum

Poet: HuKhaN
By: hukhan, karachi

har roz milta hay
pher bee dil darta hay
han sach koi milta hay
aur pher koi bicharta hay
kabi dhoop kabi barsaat ko trasta hay
insaan hay na tuwaan har ek se darta hay
janay wo qun asay himat karta hay
har roz mra hu kar mujhay apna haq samajhta hay
iss qadar nazuk hu kar bee lohay ka dikhta hay
tofaan mein sahara dikhta hay
barsaat mein phool sa khilta hay
kabi apsraa kabi insan lagta hay
har pal bas sath hee dikhta hay

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yes romantic bhut alaa
By: rahi, karachi on Oct, 16 2017
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By: hukhan, karachi on Oct, 18 2017
By: hukhan, karachi on Oct, 17 2017
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