Gham Hmaray

Poet: HuKhaN
By: hukhan, karachi

Wo Aksar Sawaal Karta Hay
Majhboorion Ko Hmaree
Jany Qun Ayaan Karta Hay
Rehnay Du Hmaray Bharam
Magar Kaha Wo Ye Samjhta Hay
Barha Ek Hee Sawaal Karta Hay
Ankhun Ko Bee Parta Hay
Lafzun Say Jaan Laita Hay
Mood Pehchaan Laita Hay
Kabi Daraa Kay
Kabi Muskara Kay
Manaa Laita Hay
Han Aksar Wo
Gham Humaray Apnaa Laita Hay

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About the Author: hukhan

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bhut hee allaa
By: rahi, karachi on Nov, 08 2017
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