Poet: HuKhaN
By: hukhan, karachi

Kis Qadar Haseen Hay Manzar
Gar Na Ao Tum Nazar
Bay Manee Saa Hu Har Pal
Kia Haseen Hay Ankh Uss Par Laga Kajal
Urtay Huay Gasuu Uss Par Tra Anchal
Kis Qadar Haseen Hay Manzar
Ju Na Ao Tum Nazar
Kis Qadar Haseen Hay Manzar
Jabh Tum Chali Ban Kay Dahrkan
Dil Gia Bar Bar Machal
Sadghee Uss Par Badli E Husan
Na Hu Koi Bas Hum Aur Tum
Ye Haseen Samaa
Aur Tera Juban
Kis Qadar Haseen Hay Mnzar
Kuch Bee Nahi Hay Ye Samaa
Tu Hay Tu Hay Ye Bee Haseen
Na Hu Gar Tum
Kia Rangh Ksay Hu Zendghee Rangheen
Kis Qadar Haseen Hay Manzar
Gar Na Ao Tum Nazar
Kia Hum Kia Humaree Nazar
By Maani Saa Hu Har Pal

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nice wah wah
By: rahi, karachi on Dec, 31 2017
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By: hukhan, karachi on Jan, 03 2018
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