With out you

Poet: HuKhaN
By: hukhan, karachi

Some Times I Miss You
Its Makes Me Feel A Pleasure
Like I Have Smiles In My Own
So Many Flowers Floats In My Soul
I Know Its A Win And Nothing To Loose
Some Times I Feel So Rude
But Its All Just Because Of You
No One Has Like I Do
I Know Spring Is On My Route
But I Dont Want Any Just You And You
Either Me Neither Any With Out You
Life Is Nothing With Out You
Its The Only True Which I Knew
Life Will Goes On And On
No Life With Out You
Ohhhh Yeah Its Only One True I Knew

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About the Author: hukhan

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its nice brother
By: khalid, karachi on Mar, 19 2018
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By: hukhan, karachi on Mar, 24 2018
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