Chandnee Raatoun Mein

Poet: HuKhaN
By: hukhan, karachi

Kia Hay Rkha Haseen See Shaamun Mein
Kia Mil Gya Chandnee Raatoun Mein
Ju Mila Din Kay Ujhaaloun Mein
Asa Kaha Tha Lambhee Siah Raatoun Mein
Dukh Tu Hein Hee Kia Mila Khushion Ki Barsaatoun Mein
Chalo Sakoon Kartay Hein Kia Rkha Musaafatoun Mein

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About the Author: hukhan

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its thought full but seems hopeless
By: khalid, karachi on Apr, 04 2018
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yes some times
By: hukhan, karachi on Apr, 07 2018
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