Poet: HuKhaN
By: hukhan, karachi

Janay Kab Ye Qaied Khtam Hu Gee
Doree Hay Nazuk Saans Ki
Kab Ye Dheel Khtam Hu Gee
Zindaan Hay Gul E Khoo
Pher Bee Janay Kab Ye Shaam Khtam Hu Gee
Zindagi Hay Jabhr E MusalsalJany Kab Ye Saza Khtam Hu Gee
Tanhaa Huna Bee Ki Ghazab Hay
Yun Hee Ubh Bhala Zindagi Nakaamee E Unwaan Hu Gee

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Print Article Print 17 Jul, 2018
About the Author: hukhan

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mausee kufar hay dost
By: rahi, karachi on Jul, 19 2018
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By: hukhan, karachi on Jul, 21 2018
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