Nadaan Wo Bhi Hen

Poet: Ayesha Arshad Khokhar
By: Ayesha Arshad Khokhar, Sialkot Satrah

Wakt Kuch Aise Badla K Hairaan Wo Bhi Hen Hairaan Hum Bhi Hen
Iss Mosam Ki Be Rukhi Pe Praishaan Wo Bhi Hen Praishaan Hum Bhi Hen

Ik Chingaari Thi Aisi Jo Logon Ne Lagai
Rasm E Duniya Se Abhi Anjaan Wo Bhi Hen Anjaan Hum Bhi Hen

Na Wo Zid Toren Gen, Na Hum Haar Maane Gen
Daikho Kis Qadar Nadaan Wo Bhi Hen Nadaan Hum Bhi Hen

Chalo Yeh Silsila Bhi Kabhi Khatam Ho He Jaye Ga
Aakhir Mohsin Insaan Wo Bhi Hen Insaan Hum Bhi Hen

Badal Kar Rukh Apne Hum Yun Baith Gaye Hen
Ab Kuch Kuch Paishmaan Wo Bhi Hen Paishmaan Hum Bhi Hen

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About the Author: Ayesha Arshad Khokhar

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Nice g
By: Ahmad Ali, Islamabad on Sep, 02 2018
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