Khubsorat Rastay

Poet: Hukhan
By: Hukhan, karachi

Shaam Hutee Nahi Tamaam
Jabh Tk Dil Na Pukaar Lay
Us Ka Naam
Yaadun Kay Saye
Us Par Piaar Ka Saibaan
Chubhun See Dil Mein
Ata Hee Nahi Araam
Khubsorat Rastay
Badsorat Sa Anjaam
Khan Agh Lgaty Hein Iss Dil Ko
Huny Lghee Hay Shaam.

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About the Author: Hukhan

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v nice
By: sohail memon, karachi on Jan, 02 2019
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By: hukhan, karachi on Jan, 04 2019
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