Bhool Jatay Hein

Poet: Hukhan
By: Hukhan, karachi

Chalo Khan Unhein Bhool Jatay Hein
Ju Humein Bhut Yaad Atay Hein
Ye Chahray Par Un Kay Hay Ju Ronaq
Sab Humaree Hee Dee Huee Soghatein Hein
Bhala Kon Kathan Rastoun Par Sangh Chal Patay Hein
Hum Tu Bas Un Kay Waqt Guzaree Mein Hee Atay Hein
Wo Hein Koi Aur Jin Kay Liye Wo Tyaar Huay Jatay Hein

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About the Author: Hukhan

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nice and almost true as far as today relations do means to every one
By: khalid, karachi on Jan, 18 2019
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bro dont get so serious every one has a right to live
By: hukhan, karachi on Jan, 21 2019
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