Chef Zubaida Tariq – A huge name in Pakistan cooking Chef Zubaida Tariq popular as Zubaida Aapa which means (Eldest sister in Urdu) She is a professional leading chef of Pakistan and cooking expert. She is also a sister of famous (Urdu Writer, Play Writer, Song Writer and Television presen ...Read more

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Seekh Kabab By zubai...
Qamar - Lahore 6/24/2016 1:07:07 AM
Seekh Kabab by Zubaida Tariq can be made at home. You cant ask for anything better than this. I am a huge fan of Zubaida Appa and her delicious recipes. Please post you dish pictures too ( those who tried it at home).

Spicy Chicken Broast...
Fatima - Hyderabad 6/23/2016 5:59:36 AM
No need to make anything else if you have access to Spicy Chicken Broast Recipe by Zubaida Tariq. Gather all the ingredients and make this yummy recipe for Iftar today. Perfect for family.

Qabooli Pulao Recipe...
Kanwal - Lahore 6/23/2016 5:53:43 AM
My mother is a huge fan of Zubaida Appa recipes. Have shown this Qabooli Pulao Recipe by Zubaida Tariq to my mom and she can understand it well and willing to give it a try at home very soon.

Seekh Kabab By zubai...
Tooba - Karachi 6/20/2016 1:19:32 AM
Seekh Kabab by Zubaida Tariq seems like a traditional one with loads of Desi spices and ingredients. Can be a perfect item for your family dinners or Iftar parties. Thanks for making it accessible for us.

Fruit Trifle Recipe ...
Tehmina - Lahore 6/17/2016 5:50:13 AM
Was thinking what to make for Iftar this weekend? I finally found this Fruit Trifle Recipe by Zubaida Tariq which is surely the most delicious thing to have. Easy to make and yummy to taste! Do try it guys.

Custard Shahi Tukray...
Nazia - Karachi 6/17/2016 5:43:13 AM
I always make basic Shahi Tukrey but now I have learnt to make Custard Shahi Tukray Recipe by Zubaida Tariq from this recipe. It will be perfect for my iftar party tomorrow. Will make it for sure In Sha Allah. Thanks

Chicken Nuggets By Z...
Ajia - Islamabad 6/16/2016 1:39:46 AM
Chicken Nuggets is the only dish in which I feel some difficulty to make but my children insist me to make Chicken nuggets. Finally I decide to make according to the recipe by Zubaida Aapa and noting the ingredients.

Spicy Chicken Broast...
Faatima - Lahore 6/16/2016 1:39:46 AM
I don’t know what mistake I did for making spicy chicken broast, I used this way of preparation by Zubaida Aapa and use mustard powder, baking powder and all the other ingredients in the same quantity but I couldn’t make it delicious.

Nauratan Chicken Pul...
Basimah - Karachi 6/16/2016 1:39:46 AM
Cooking is my passion, and this is something that I never get bored of. I tried many recipes and also success to make like in the restaurant, today I am noting the way of making Yakhni Pulao on this page.

Spicy Chicken Broast...
Kausar - Karachi 6/10/2016 12:44:46 AM
Spicy Chicken Broast Recipe by Zubaida Tariq is surely the best recipe that I have discovered online. We all are aware of Zubaida Appa's recipes and I am sure this one will be yummy too. It seems less time consuming.

Chef Zubaida Tariq – A huge name in Pakistan cooking Chef Zubaida Tariq popular as Zubaida Aapa which means (Eldest sister in Urdu) She is a professional leading chef of Pakistan and cooking expert. She is also a sister of famous (Urdu Writer, Play Writer, Song Writer and Television presenter) and an Aunt of renowned leading guitarist of popular rock band Strings, Bilal Maqsood. Started cooking at early age right after her marriage in a typical desi style for 7 members at house hold. After her husband’s retirement she got appointed in the same multinational company as an advisor to their product Dalda (cooking oil).

Zubaida Tariq aka Zubaida Apa is a common household name, a renowned name, and cooking expert of Pakistan. She has been associated with cooking and household since quiet a long time. She is popular for her unique culinary style and her love for traditional food. She is known for giving household tips to women and use simple and traditional ingredients in her cooking. The fact about Zubaida Tariq is that she dint knew much about cooking when she got married and later learnt it with the passage of time.

Besides her TV shows she made a huge impact as she manages to blend it with her words of wisdom and household tips. She became popular among masses with her beauty soap commercial campaign of her own brand name, Zubaida Aapa Whitening soap. The slogan of the campaign ‘Ab Gora Hoga Pakistan’ depicting racial discrimination and was taken as a critical humor in the country.

Zubaida Apa versatility was new to Pakistan and she had a lot to prove when she was recognized firstly by few of her Husband’s colleague for the delicious lunch she used to give to her husband for office. With uniqueness in hand and natural instinct to produce the tastiest cuisine either for family or afterwards in a cooking shows. The 68 years old Zubaida Apa started creating thrill in cooking world.

Worked for numerous famous TV channels like ARY, Geo TV, Masala TV and has done quite a lot of cooking show. Cooking for Zubaida apa comes naturally by a will to learn and she has proved it by her massive range in Pakistani cuisine which can surely make taste buds alive. Hard work, Determination to be a best cook has made her do about 1000 cooking shows. The 68 year old Apa have given proven remedies to cure, and many cooking remedies in order to enhance the taste of food and also to avoid food go stale. A trend setter in giving self remedies she gained huge popularity and appreciation of which she was also been mocked a lot by few envious people.

Birth Date: 4th April
Zodiac Sign:Aries
Favorite Flowers: Motia, Jasmine, Cestrum nocturnum (Raat Ki Rani)
Favorite Color: Off-White and Black.