Chinese food is very traditional and unique among other cuisines. Grains are the main food in China. Rice is the loved and ideal grain among the people in the South. Chinese recipe... ...Read more

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Chinese Chilli Chick...
Nice one this chinese chilli chicken
Sultan khan - Gilgit hunza 4/17/2019 12:22:41 PM
Chicken Manchurian
Knowing my average cooking skills, I can now ALHAMDULILAH cook food! Thanks to this website that allowed me to learn new recipes for my family.
yumna - karachi 3/4/2019 12:39:53 PM
Chicken Manchurian
Chicken manchurian eating with vegetables rice this is good made very well easy to make method and good tasty recipe i'm happy about this
Farzan Begum - Lahore 2/14/2019 5:06:34 AM
Hot and Sour Soup
Tasty hot and sour soup made i'm first time eating this type of tasty sour soup amazing
Tehmeena - Islamabad 2/8/2019 5:45:41 AM
Chicken Spring Roll
Chicken spring roll is nice easy made today i'm made my mom and brother good recipe perfect
Fatima - Lahore 1/31/2019 5:57:23 AM
Spicy Vegetable Nood...
i like vegetable noodle it is healthy noodles my favorite very nice recipe tasty made i'm eating with my brother
Kamran - Lahore 1/31/2019 5:07:47 AM
Chicken Fried Rice
Chicken fried rice is nice awsome tasty recipe i'm try first time new experience gain i like it
Daniyal - Lahore 1/31/2019 4:07:46 AM
Chinese Chicken Shas...
Chinese chicken shashlik is lovely dish made so tasty very nice recipe with salad
Sana - Lahore 1/29/2019 4:53:04 AM
چائنیز رائس
Very good made rice so tasty this is my favorite it is a healthy rice excellent recipe
Afiya - Lahore 1/28/2019 5:48:18 AM
Chicken Manchurian
What a Lovely taste my favorite dish chicken mancurian really nic eexperience good recipe
Hamza - karachi 1/10/2019 1:28:12 AM

Chinese food is very traditional and unique among other cuisines. Grains are the main food in China. Rice is the loved and ideal grain among the people in the South. Chinese recipes mostly include stir-fried food rapidly in oil at a very high temperature. Vegetables, especially cabbage and Tofu rank second in the Chinese diet. Roasted sweet potatoes are a popular snack eaten by the Chinese. Chicken is the favorite meat in China. The people also like eggs, fish, fruit, and shellfish. Chop Suey originated in China. Chop sticks and soup spoons are served as the only utensils at a Chinese meal.

Authentic Chinese recipes have definite rules for the appropriate combining of the ingredients into dishes, and dishes into an appropriate meal. Breakfast in China may be rice porridge, chicken noodle soup, or deep-fried pastries that taste like donuts. In China, the people’s favorite lunchtime foods include eggrolls and dumplings filled with meat or shrimp. A typical Chinese dinner includes vegetables with bits of meat or seafood, soup, rice with noodles, chowmein, Kung pao, chili chicken, satay and many more.
We present you with an abundance of Chinese recipes in Urdu on the platform of hamariweb. Try our simple Chinese Food recipes at your home and make delicious Chinese dishes. We have added some of the best Chinese recipes which you can easily cook. The top 10 Chinese recipes include chicken Chinese recipes, eggplant Chinese recipe, cabbage Chinese recipe, dumplings Chinese recipe, noodles Chinese recipe, soup Chinese recipe, lemon chicken, fried rice, easy Chinese recipes.
In northern China, people eat flour products made from wheat as their main source of food due greatly to their local culture. They do so because their harsh weather condition doesn’t allow rice to be grown. So they mostly try gluten-free Chinese recipes.
Food continues taking a great part for Chinese people’s life and is a symbol of Chinese culture. Chinese even have special healthy Chinese recipes that include Chinese tea which can keep you healthy using sources from nature. In Pakistan, we have top chefs who have come up with some amazing and scrumptious recipes from the Chinese tradition. Chinese recipes by chef Zakir and Shireen Anwar are the gems in Chinese recipes in Urdu.