Terrorism is not only the problem of Pakistan but it is an international problem. In America after terrorism now it has become an international problem. After 9/11 America decided to destroy all the terrorists in the world. Thus Pakistan has also been included in the range of terrorism. Many steps have been taken in Pakistan to prevent terrorism but in spite of it our country is being made a target of terrorism. Now a days terrorists are making target to Pakistan army , Police and public places. Now a days they are attacking on mosques where many people injured and killed.

Terrorism is increasing in Pakistan very rapidly and there are some causes of terrorism. Now there is no place reaches beyond the reach of terrorists. Many suicide attacks have been made on Lahore suicide attacks are going on at Islamabad, Rawalpindi and Karachi. Different things are being damaged in Balochistan Pipe lines of the sui gas are being destroyed the cities of Sarhad/NWFP like Peshawar and Bunnu are not safe.

The government of Pakistan has taken many steps the government of Pakistan has made many agreements with terrorists. Jirgas have been set up but terrorists break their promises every time. In fact they have no demands but they are only enemies of Pakistan and they want to destroy it. If there had been demands it would have been accepted easily. But now the Government of Pakistan is dealing with them strictly and they are being damaged. There headquarters and ammunition are being destroyed. If we succeed in our object, terrorism will come to an end.

Other countries can also be involved in terrorism It is perfectly right to great extent that other countries are also involved in terrorism the other countries supply weapons to them, which they use. Others countries which are the old enemies of Pakistan.

Supply weapons and money to the people who live in Pakistani tribal areas. So that they may perform terrorism in Pakistan to harem Pakistan and to weak it. They also want that there should be no strong Government in Pakistan so that they are destroying Pakistan.

Tourism has badly effected due to terrorism and it is very harmful for our economy. In these circumstance it is necessary for Pakistan that very strict action be taken against terrorist. Their places should be destroyed and they should compelled either they should stop their activities or to leave Pakistan. Terrorism cannot be tolerated for a long time. Many people have been died and injured due to terrorism even they were all innocent and they were not criminal but victimised of terrorism. There for it is now necessary that Government of Pakistan should take final steps against terrorist.

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