Key words for life

(Dr Zahoor Ahmed Danish, Karachi)

I know the difficulties of life path very well.I thought why not tell you about success in life,not necessarily what I describe isdecisive .My effort will be to give you accurate information in the light ofmy experience and study.

Ready for learn it.

Your Goal
.I Say goal is oxygen for life .So think about your goals.

Be aware
Choosing to learn something new every day will give you a reason to grown and change.Update your self .

The mind of competition
Competition draw out the best in us.

Understand power of Truth.
Truth provides a firm foundation to stand on. .

determination to success:
The commitment to win is refreshing to life.

Apply loyalty in your life.

Life is full of heart pain and depressive pain. War, disease, death, divorce, financial problems, and injustice. Despite pain, the pain is full of learning opportunities to learn and grow and renew and find hope. The trend never shows you alone.

If you want to know more about Leadership - read books from great leaders. if you want to lead other so learn about every part of society and what happened in the world.

Hope isimportant for ife. Those who are hopeless Their example is of stone . I am saying in my own words .hope is life .

The time is not just a framework which passes by minutes, hours and days - an art room full of unlimited choices like every day has an open-colored canvas.
.Time Management.

Improve your time management you can create daily blocks of time to focus your time and attention on the part’s of life that motivate you.

In the last Along with all these tasks, the most important thing in which success is assured.Pray five times.keep love for ALLAH and keep enmity for Allah .If you pursue for the happeness help other.

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