Pakistan Resolution and Ideology of Pakistan

(Muhammad Naeem Shehzad, Lahore)

Pakistan is one of the two ideologically founded states. The first one is Madeena Tyeba and the second state is Pakistan. When the Muslim leaders were working for the independence of joint Subcontinent in collaboration with the Hindus, they did not achieve anything. And soon the Muslims realized that the Hindus would cause more harm than good. Thereupon the Muslim leaders decided to separate their way from Hindus and start working for an independent country. The idea worked for them and with the Grace of Allah Almighty, they achieving their goal!

It should not be neglected that anything which has a concrete foundation can stay stronger for long. The ideology is like a pivot which bonds the masses in a unified nation. No other cause can play this vital role of binding people together other than the ideology.

Considering the above lines, we can easily estimate the significance of ideology for a nation and a state. Thus let's determine to stick to our ideology and build our future bright and glaring.

Ideology in Acrostic Poem

Geared up

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