Are you willing to suffer for your dreams?

(Muhammad Shoaib Tanoli, )

"All growth depends upon activity. There is no development physically or intellectually without effort. And effort means work.” – Calvin Coolidge.

As some of you know, I recently took up golf.

On the left side of the video below is my swing in my 2nd golf lesson. On the right is my swing in my 3rd.

In between lessons, I practised. Even though I was surrounded by pros. Smacking the ball straight down the line, while mine were going left and right. With some not making it off the tee at all.

Was I self-conscious in the beginning? Yes. Embarrassed at times? You bet. But I was also determined.

With hard work, persistence and repetition - I improved. Shown by the subtle difference in my head position in relation to the arrow above it. A small change which had a big impact. 145 yards with a 5-wood in my 3rd lesson. Compared to 120 the lesson before.

Success requires hard work and commitment. Even when we're scared of failing.

"Passion is a willingness to suffer for something you love. If you're not willing to suffer for it, it's not passion. It's entertainment."

Are you willing to suffer for your dreams?

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