Democratic problems in Pakistan

(Asad Ali Iftikhar, Islamabad)

Democracy is the most powerful form of government. It is also known as rule of majority. It requires participation of citizens of a country to elect their representatives to role over them.

Quaid- e- Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah was also a very active supporter of democracy in Pakistan.

Pakistan came into being on 14th August 1947. The initial years of Pakistan were very tough for administration process. A huge number of problems were being faced by the newly borned country and these problems didn't give a smooth path for the establishment of a strong democracy in Pakistan.

So from the time of Independence, Pakistan is facing serious problems regarding democracy. The main problems can be highlighted as followings: political consensus building, political parties and leadership, military rules and interventions, overlapped state structure, political instability, massive corruption, lack of accountability, institutional crisis, extremist and weak civil society.

Presence of the causes tend to create much problems for establishment of true and strong democracy in Pakistan since it's Independence till today. Now let's talk about these problems briefly.

Political census building causes much problems for establishment of strong democracy in Pakistan. In it's early years, Pakistan was unable to adopt a true and strong Constitution due to administrative problems. Later on the army rule and political instability also laid hurdles in path of establishment of democracy in Pakistan.

Political parties and political leadership are the most instruments for establishment of democracy in any country but unfortunately in Pakistan, due to infrequent elections, military interventions and poor behavior of members of political parties, the politics is Pakistan suffered a great. So we can say that political parties didn't play their role effectively for establishment of strong democracy in Pakistan.

Military interventions into politics also laid hurdles in establishment of strong democracy in Pakistan. In Pakistan, democracy faced four martial law regimes, which caused a great loss to democracy.

Overdeveloped state structure also causes great hurdles in path of democracy. The centralization of power and the Monopoly of a few creates hurdles in path of prevailing a strong democracy.

Political instability is another great threat to Democratic process. Pakistan had been facing this problem since it's Independence. Due to political instability, Pakistan is suffering difficulties in prevailing strong democracy.

Massive corruption and corrupt leaders also cause great threat to Democratic path in Pakistan. Massive corruption also gives a smooth path to military to intervene into politics. Also massive corruption create a path for lack of accountability and hence cause hurdles for establishment of strong democracy in Pakistan.

Lack of accountability is known as threat for progress of any institution. Unfortunately Pakistan has also been suffering of the challenge to overcome the lack of accountability in all institutions rather they are political or military institutions.

Institutional crisis had been viewed in Pakistan since it's Independence. Clash between executive and judiciary cause main hurdles in prevailing strong democracy in Pakistan. This is also a great threat to democracy in Pakistan.

All above mentioned causes create problems for democracy in Pakistan since it's Independence till today. Despite all above mentioned problems, it is a fact that democracy is the only way by which a bridge between people and government is created. It is clear that democracy is the most effective and valuable form of government for people of Pakistan. Now it is the time for political parties, judiciary, military leadership and civil society to play their role to overcome the above mentioned problems and to overcome the hurdles that laid to create problems for establishment of a strong democracy in Pakistan. By providing a smooth path for strong democracy, Pakistan will become much prosperous and progressive.

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