COAS’ Commendable Quetta Visit

(Imran Jamali, Rojhan Jamali)

It is good that Army Chief Gen QamarJavedBajwa was in Quetta from Tuesday onwards but where was anyone from the government, both at Centre or otherwise at the provincial capital? The Chief rushed to Quetta after series of terror incidents especially against the Hazara community; last week two people belonging to Hazaras were shot dead in Quetta. “COAS arrived at Quetta for an update on security situation and meeting with notables of Hazara Community,” said DG ISPR Maj Gen Asif Ghafoor in a statement. The Hazaras were holding sit-in protests since then on Zarghoon Road, near BalochistanAssembly, and two other places where the same day Federal Interior Minister Ahsan Iqbal also visited but his request to call off strike was not paid any heed. Thanks to the Chief of Army Staff, who requested the protesting Hazaras and the community not only ended the sit-in but also expressed satisfaction over the assurance by Gen Bajwa to look after their interests and arrest the perpetrators as early as possible. Uniquely enough this time the Hazara community was demanding protection from the law enforcement agencies and demanded that they would only dismiss if the COAS comes to Quetta and visits them.

It is wise of the COAS to have visited them, but it is advisable for the civil government at Quetta to not let the situation go out of hands, rather it has to be resolved through political means. Hazaras have of late been targeted and this has dangerous consequences since Iran expresses concern over the protection of Shi’ite community. This has to be stopped from spreading nationwide as such protests have a potential of being widened, which Pakistan and its security forces can’t afford. Politicians must shun their own differences on petty issues and show unity among their ranks no matter what the personal cost is.

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