Copper Plays A Vital Role For Networking Technology

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A network architecture is the logical and structural layout of the network. Consisting of the hardware and software, connectivity, communication, protocols and mode of transmission. It is wired and wireless.

The different topologies are arranged in different ways. LAN, WAN, MAN.

Copper based Ethernet adapter is the most common kind of networking hardware. It is invented for the Modern computer System.

Function of the EOC
Ethernet over copper (also known as E o C) is a form of Ethernet in the first mile connection that uses twisted pair copper telephone wire. It uses the same 8P8C modular connector used by conventional Ethernet over twisted pair. The physical layers used for Ethernet over copper are 2BASE-TL and 10PASS-TS.

The connection on an Ethernet over copper cable is similar to that of a conventional Ethernet cable, the physical layers used for Ethernet over copper are different from the physical layers used for conventional Ethernet, special adapters are used for Ethernet over copper.

EoC is usually delivered as an "internet facing" service. EoC can also be delivered other ways. It can interface with private networking .existing WAN, MPLS, or VPN network. Can also support SIP, PRI, analog, and hosted PBX voice services .

Ethernet over copper cabling is made up of twisted telephone wire, it is affordable. This consistency of Ethernet between the service provider core and the customer network reduces overhead, increasing performance & providing a more consistent connection to the user.[2]

Copper is a natural resource. Natural resources are acquired from the earth. Allah is a great creator, He is only one God. He is most Merciful, He has made seven skies and earth in six days. He is alone.

QURANIC VERSES about copper.

(1) Give me pieces of iron - till, when he had levelled up (the gap) between the cliffs, he said: Blow! - till, when he had made it a fire, he said: Bring me molten copper to pour thereon.

( Al-Kahf, Verse #96)

(2) And unto Solomon (We gave) the wind, whereof the morning course was a month's journey and the evening course a month's journey, and We caused the fount of copper to gush forth for him, and (We gave him) certain of the jinn who worked before him by permission of his Lord. And such of them as deviated from Our command, them We caused to taste the punishment of flaming Fire.

(, Saba, , Verse #12)

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