Quinoa Newly Emerging Crop In Pakistan

(Muhammad Jehanzaib Ali, Faisalabad)

Quinoa is new emerging crop nutritionally rich than any other cereal. It is the staple food of Inka impire of many countries in many areas of South America and especially in Andes. It is the food of the people of high region of Andes because wheat and corn cannot grow at high altitude .it is cooked like rice and has very miled flavor. And give nutty flavor on frying. Its taste is similar to cooked barley. It can be eaten like a hot breakfast cereal you can put in soaps, salads and desserts. From its flour we can make biscuits, doughnuts and pasta. Leaves can cook as spinach and used as salad having high content of vitamin A.

Quinoa is very important crop because of high content of protein and unique amino acid composition. The most interesting thing is the high lysine value. Lysine an essential amino acid that is deficient in many grain crops is found in quinoa.

Quinoa is member of the family chenopodiaceae, the other member of this family are sugar beats, spinach, Swiss chard. Quinoa is an herb containing small seeds called achenes. Seeds are small, similar in size to millet. Seeds color varies from white, yellow, red, purpleto black depending upon the region. In food industry yellow and white grains are used. Quinoa seeds are bitter, medium, and sweet on the bases of environment.

Quinoa is also called as pseudo-cereal because the amino acid pattern is very similar to the combination of soybean and wheat so it can be suitable alternative.

This crop can tolerate the harsh conditions, where the other crops cannot grow. It can grow at poor soil, tolerate salinity, tolerate frost and tolerate high temperature high altitude extreme weather and drought.

Quinoa has potential to overcome the word’s foods shortage because it has excellent balance between protein and fat. Protein contents are 50 % more than any other grain. Extra large germ portion gives quinoa its protein power. It has full range of amino acid which can easily absorb by body which any other grains do not have also rich in omega 3, 6 and 9 fatty acids. It is gluten free, easy to digest and good source of Magnesium, calcium, phosphorus copper and iron, rich in vitamin B1, vitamin B2, vitamin C and vitamin E .The FAO observed that quinoa is closer to ideal protein balance than any other crop.

Used for altitude sickness because of calcium. Provide strength to the pregnant women. Quinoa is good source of magnesium which relaxes blood vessels so provide cardio vascular health. Protect against Brest cancer and also act as anti oxidant.

Outer layer of seed contain a bitter compound called saponins, considered to be toxic, plant may be utilized it as prevention from predator. Saponins can be removed by rinsing the quinoa in cold alkaline water and mechanically rubbing the outer layer of seed. Through selective breeding sweet and more palatable varieties can be made.

The main exporters of the quinoa in the word are Bolivia and Peru Chilly. In Pakistan it is experimentally cultivated in Faisalabad, Chakwal and Bahawalpur.

We must add quinoa in our diet because it is easy to grow, highly nutritive, medicinally important, economical and versatile food. Problem of malnutrition can may be overcome by using this.

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Hi Members..hows doing...
i am asif from hasilpur ..i have huge quantity of organic quinoa ..and one want to buy in bulk .as well as as for personal use i can send all over the Pakistan..thank you ..contac.03218648888
By: Asif Gondal, HasilPur on Aug, 09 2017
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میں چیک کرنے لئے لینا چاہتا ہوں 2سے 3 کلو پرائز اور طریق میں چنیوٹ کے پاس ہوں
By: Rashid, Rabwah on Nov, 15 2017
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In Singapore .It is 24 SG dollars per kg . When this Island is one of the most expensive place .
By: Shanaz, Lahore on Mar, 18 2017
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Quinoa sound like an important food I'll keep it in mind
By: Maculnite Jolivert, All Cities on Dec, 13 2016
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What is the price per one kg and where I find in Lahore
By: Uzma , Lahore on Oct, 03 2016
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How I can source the seeds for quinoa to cultivate?
By: Jamshaid, Islamabad on Jul, 24 2016
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Quinoa in Karachi , Available at 850/kg , export quality packing. Free delivery with in Karachi. Min Order 10 kg. Contact 0313 3650010
By: Asad , Karachi on Jul, 10 2016
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یہ چیز کہتے ہیں سیالکوٹ سائیڈ پر آج سے پچاس سال پہلے کھائی جاتی تھی، اس کا مقامی نام سکونگی تھا
By: آصف, Toronto on May, 19 2016
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Is quinoa available in rawalpindi. Is there any specific shop from where i can buy this..I am a patient of candida so wheat is not good for me..
By: Ali Raza, Rawalpindi on May, 08 2016
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contact me i have quinoa 03216576898
By: imran, Kasur on May, 19 2016
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What u called quinoa in Urdu or Hindi or gujrati
By: Akeel, Blackburn on Nov, 15 2015
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from where can we buy in peshawar
By: fatima, peshawar on Oct, 28 2015
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From where can i get it in lahore?
By: saba, lahore on Oct, 14 2015
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organic quinoa available at jk agriculture farms @ 600/kg
By: Attaullah khan, Faisalabad on Jun, 28 2015
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we are locally grow quinoa in lahore....we offer dealer the best rates....in coming crop Inshallah...if anyone need send ur quantity and book ur oder without advance 1050RS. per kg....exporter & importers also contact us
By: ahmad hilal, lahore on Feb, 28 2015
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Thank you so much Dr. Hassan, Someone from my home will be contacting you insha'Allah.
By: Kanwall Khan, Rawalpindi on May, 07 2015
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Dear Ahmad Hilal, I am the first introducer of quinoa in Pakistan and well aware of its cost of growing. who knows better about it. just think of it that this is the blessing of Allah on Earth. Dont go beyond the percentage of profit afordable for the people to eat it. please a cheaper and afordable rate is requested. it can be 105 only for a kg. even not a bad deal.
By: Dr. Hassan Munir,, University of Agriculture Faisalabad on May, 06 2015
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Uzma, People are trying to make money from this crop for nothing. beware of subgraded, poor quality quinoa. Quinoa is not bred in Pakistan for high rates in the market. it is very cheap to grow quinoa in Pakistan. How much need quinoa> just let me know at [email protected] 03216671998, Assistant Professor University of Agriculture Department of Agronomy.
By: Hassan Munir, Faisalabad on May, 06 2015
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Please give your contact nos & address Ahmad sb.
By: Kanwal Khan, Rawalpindi on May, 06 2015
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where can i get quinoa in lahore ?
By: uzma, lahore on May, 05 2015
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Where can i get quinoa in hyderabad?
By: Kiran, Hyderabad on Nov, 01 2014
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where we can buy quiona in peshawar
By: abia, Topi on Jul, 16 2014
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