US and Israel,Two sides of the same Coin

(Akram Saqib, Sahiwal)

Democracy,human rights ,freedom of thought,universal brotherhood,peaceful living,terror free world and so forth and so on are very catchy phrases and slogans chanted by the USA. All these principles are a handy tool in the hands of USA and west to exploit the weaker nations. These are only remembered and revived when strategic need arises. If USA has to black mail the world and especially the eastern hemisphere ,it uses slogan of human rights. China and Russia are target of this slogan.USA does not see abuse of human rights in Israel and American states. There in USA and Israel these are internal matters or strategic issues. These are to be observed only by the opponents of Israel and USA.When USA wants to black mail Arab countries it raises the slogan democracy. The kings and monarchs of middle east fall in the lap of USA as the ripe mango falls on the ground.

Freedom of speech and thought is only practicable in communist and socialist countries. west does not need freedom of speech. in the same way freedom of press is the need of the developing countries only. USA and Israel have all these good qualities in excess!

When they want to humiliate the Muslims they raise the slogan of Terrorism. USA cannot see terrorism of Israel and of herself in the name of freedom.

there is always the same hypocrisy observed by the world. The Israel and US policies are only for others. USA cannot opposes Jews and Israel. Kangaroo type relations of USA and Israel are a clear example of the ignominious nature of both these countries. America has become the policeman of the world under trump administration. It is not observing any kind of ethics and morality. Only that is true and correct which is for the benefits of both these countries. They second each other in every wrong and abet each other in every moral and political crime.

Policies of US and Israel

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