The Two Korea's

(Faraz Khalid, Islamabad)

Unification or reunification basically refers to the coming into of two or more things into single unit or group.

Today we will discuss about the countries having same name yet appeared twice in the world's map: Korea.Everyone knows there are two Korea's appearing on the map, forcing people to ponder over the question “why?”

Earlier in the days, Korea was a single country.But unfortunately, at the end of the WORLD WAR || despite ending brutally, it had various affects, like destructing the whole Japanese empire and simultaneously breaking Korea into two.South Korea and North Korea.

South Korea being influenced under Americans controlled while North Korea being in (earlier) Russian's and now in China's control.North Korea is commonly known as Democratic People's Republic while South Korea is simply referred to as Republic of Korea. After the major split, the Korean went into several war phases, each of the Korean country was aided by the above-mentioned influencer, it was in the 1940s.But it reached to the international proportions in the 1950 when North Korea invaded the South Korean territories and both their benefactors came to their aid.

The situation after war didn’t further change. The Korea stayed split into two.Later in the 2000s many efforts were made to bring both Korea as not in one but closer to each other eliminating the Cold War between the countries by expanding trade first.

Downfall had been observed in 2017, due the people of South Korea believing in unification as unnecessary trait.But conflicting the survey, lately it has been observed that the Government today is interested amending earlier issues. Both the governments are looking into extending hands towards each other in economy too. In support of this, Both Korean countries have decided to play as one in the badminton sport.

Concluding the earlier and today's conflict it seems that Korean countries are on their road to amendment.

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