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Nowadays there is competition everywhere whether in terms of experience or in terms of skill. During our graduation period, we learn different skills which are useful in our career afterwards. In these four years of graduation, our teachers work hard to polish skills of their students. They give advices on how to accomplish goals in career afterwards. Being skillful plays an important role to get success in career. If you are skilled then you can achieve what you want.

Self-employment is a state of working by your own instead of working for someone else. If you have skill then you can earn income by your own business or profession. There are many advantages of being self-employed. One of the advantage is that you are your own boss. You do not need to work under supervision. You can control your own work progress. Also you are able to create your own work schedule with ease. You can modify the working hours according to the lifestyle.

Another advantage of being self-employed is that you are able to choose your own clients. When you are under supervision, they forced employees to serve their clients but when you are self-employed then you can easily choose your customers for which you are designing product as a freelancer. Self-employment makes people risk-taker. But with passion and discipline you can achieve not only lifestyle benefits but also serious financial benefits. By learning new skills every day, you are capable of doing difficult tasks for clients. In this way you can control your own fate. This means that high rewards are associated with high risk taking.

Self-employed offers the facility of choosing a way to control your business. You no more require formal working structure. A person who is self-employed is self- confident. Being your own manager also provides a benefit of choosing your own working direction. It means that when you are self-employed then you have the power of decision making of your work nature which includes the business activities involved and also the customers you work with as a freelancer.

Being self-employed is a great thing. It gives an opportunity to show your skills. People who are self-employed can perform their work activities with comfort. We can also get motivation for improving the nature of business and also on how to work hard to gain success in career. In short, being your own boss is the best method to show your abilities and skill to the whole world.

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Very well written..I really appreciate you..
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