The Ambassador And The Tarnished Image of Pakistan

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Blunders are committed in seconds but their consequences are reaped through centuries. History gives us lessons and wise people learn them while the fool ignore them. A very important lesson we can learn from the destruction of a country by Halaghu Khan. After conquering a battle he was going home with his army. While travelling he fell ill and his doctors advised him to drink the lemonade. He sent his servant to a nearby country for bringing lemons. He reached the court of the king of that country and gave the message of Halaghu Khan.

The king selected a wrong man to be sent as his ambassador to Halaghu Khan along with a basket of fresh lemons. The ambassador used harsh language in the court of Halaghu and said we are giving you these lemons but we never want to have any relation with you in future. Halaghu Khan went into fury and ordered his army to kill the ambassador and destroy the country. The army of the “scrooge of God” (Halaghu) erased every sign of that country from the face of the world. It was just due to the blunder of the ambassador.

Ambassadors are representatives of their countries. They struggle to achieve the desired goals that helps their countries to get development, prosperity and glory in the comity of nations. They protect the interests of their nations and keep their flag high. Every country gives this prestigious and precarious post to the person who is highly wise and sensible, well qualified and most importantly extremely loyal to his country. A person with doubtful character must never be made ambassador as it can be highly dangerous for the country. He can hurts the interests of his/her country by providing the secret information and working against the desired principles.

The post of Ambassadorship is as old as the man himself. Ambassadors have been playing the role of messenger. It is said that Babylonian kings gave more importance to the appointment of their ambassadors than the selection of their successors. As they know the fact that if their messengers became disloyal, corrupt and act like a snake in the sleeve, no one would save them from their rivals.

Holy prophet Hazrat Muhammad (PBUH) also made the excellent criteria for appointing the ambassadors. The people who were the best in their character, nobility and mental faculties were selected for this honourable post. The developed states of our time are also very much careful in sending their ambassadors to other nations as these people have not only to act like messengers but also developers or destroyers of relationships with other nations. They can build friendship with an enemy state by struggling to solve the crisis and they can damage the image of their country by involving in undesirable activities.

Unfortunately the selection and appointment criterion of ambassadors in our country Pakistan are very poor. The political party in government selects the people who are loyal to them and are not able to perform well at home. Mostly corrupt and easy going people pressurizes the government to send them as ambassadors to tourist states where they have nothing to do and enjoyment of life becomes the purpose of their life.

There is an interesting story that an uneducated son of a landlord who saw his highly educated friends aspiring to become FSP officers by qualifying CSS. He made mind to defeat his childhood friends and even have a bet with them. His hardworking friends declared his wish impossible. He gets information to fulfill his overnight desire but came to know that only way to join FSP is the qualification of CSS. It disappointed him as he was unable to qualify CSS even in dream. He met his father and told his wish to him. The landlord laughed at the innocence of his son. The father promised to fulfill his son’s desire. It was the season of national elections and he got the popular party ticket for his son. He get elected as MNA and asked the government to send him as ambassador to Switzerland. And then, he was the person who signed the appointment letters of his highly educated friend in his embassy after two years. Can you imagine such miraculous success? But it is true in the appointment of ambassadors in Pakistan.

The same is the case with the Hussain Haqqani’s appointment as ambassador in the USA. His loyality and sincerity to the country which he represented for many years has been so dubious that he never took interest in having a land property and opening the bank account in Pakistan. His appointment as ambassador to United States was forcefully opposed by Pakistani secret agencies but Americans managed to get appointed their loyal puppet to achieve their goals. After becoming ambassador he worked with CIA to achieve its targets in Afghanistan and Pakistan. He issued visas and arranged the activities of American secret agents who got access to secret security information and apparatus. They established a complex network of intelligence in whole Pakistan particularly in FATA areas.

According to a report, there were about 20,000 Pakistanis who became secret agents working for CIA in 2010. They facilitated the bombing by drones (Un-Manned Vehicles) and worked for tracing Osama Bin Laden. And the fateful night of 1st May, 2011 came when the magnificient “diplomacy” of unparalleled “diplomat” Hussain Haqqani showed its glorious colours.

That was the blackest night in Pakistani history when US special forces invaded sleeping Pakistan and raided the militarily important Abbotabad city which is just 110 km away from Capital Islamabad and 130 km far from military hub city Rawalpindi. This 36 minutes secret operation badly tarnished the image of Pakistan in the world. The friends of Pakistan became doubtful about Pakistan’s character and our enemies got the chance to degrade, isolate and destroy us. They called Pakistan a state that hides global terrorists and sponsor terrorism across the world. Pakistan became the “factory” of terrorists and “epicenter” of terrorism in the eyes of the world.

The villain of this dreadful film that Pakistanis ever watched is Hussain Haqqani. Because of this criminal diplomat every Pakistani is now regarded worldwide as the sympathizer of terrorists and facilitator of terrorism. Even after playing such shameful and cursed role for his country and devouring its image he boasts and feels proud to be a tricky and successful diplomat. Human history has never seen a disloyal, ambassador like Haqqani who deliberately hurts his country.
It is commonly said that the name of a person exerts its effect on his nature. But in the case of Hussain Haqqani, it is a totally false notion. The dangerous nature and destructive role played by him is in complete antithesis to his name. “HUSSAIN” the name which is regarded as the sign of highest loyalty in Islamic history and the word “HAQQANI” is from “HAQ” which means “right” and “truth”. As per expectations, he should be the most “loyal” person to his “righteous” job of ambassadorship. But he proved this notion false by his blunders.

We must keep it in mind that if we remain dull and docile in appointing Hussain Haqqani like ambassadors, God forbid, a night may come when the enemy helicopters will come and destroy our nuclear arsenals. And we will come to know after everything will go out of our hands and we will become empty handed. Our enemies will get the chance to tear us apart as hungry hounds attack the miserable sheep. It is a fact that rivals of our country know well “the only hard thing in engulfing Pakistan is its nuclear bomb”. And they are in constant struggle to eliminate this bone in the flesh. And Hussain Haqqani like people can make their job very easy....

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