What Countries Are Currently At War?

(Sarosh Malik, Islamabad)

Israel, Palestine, Ukraine and Iraq monopolize a lot of the headlines these days but they're not the only groups at war. So how many wars are happening right now? While currently there are ten active wars and eight active military conflicts worldwide we're limiting the scope hereto Wars only. According to American University professor Joshua Goldstein Wars include any ongoing violent conflict between two or more parties where a thousand people or more have died within a year. In Syria there are numerous groups fighting including Isis Syrian rebels and the Syrian government. The war started in 2011 as a movement tooust President Bashar al-Assad and his government it's currently by far the bloodiest conflict on a day-by-day basis. According to some reports Basharal-Assad and his government recommitting war crimes against their own people. In Afghanistan the Afghan government is fighting the Taliban but violence has slowed recently and international troops are starting to pull out if everything goes well there could be an end in sight for this conflict. In Pakistan the government is fighting with the Taliban al Qaeda and other terrorist groups in an autonomous tribal region bordering Afghanistan. This is where numerous terrorist groups haveset up training facilities and hideouts. The Pakistani government has had some success but the operation is far from over. In the Democratic Republic of Congo there has been constant conflict since1998 with everyone from Joseph Kony to the perpetrators of the genocide in Rwanda involved. The country is in turmoil and there is no end in sight. South Sudan successfully seceded from Sudan in 2011 and since then civil war has broken out in South Sudan along ethnic lines with the Danka’s fighting on behalf of the current president and the Newars fighting on behalf of the former vice president. The area is also experiencing famine which is making the entire situation much worse. In Libya the Libyan government is facing factional violence stemming from the downfall ofl ong time dictator Moammar Gadhafi in2011 and the civil war that followed. They do have an interim government in place but little can be done to stop the fighting. In Ukraine the Ukrainian government is currently fighting Russian backed separatists for the eastern part of Ukraine there are some reports that Russia also directly involved in the fighting. The remaining three active wars are in Iraq, Israel, Palestine and Nigeria.

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