Terrorism in Pakistan

(Meesam Hashami, Kamalia, toba taik singh)

‘The first and foremost duty of a government is to keep law and order functional, so that the life, property and religious practices of nation are under protection of the state”

Quaid e Azam Muhmmad Ali Jinnah.

The momenteous matter of Pakistan’s national life is security, both internal and external i.e. country’s defense from belligerent forces from within and without. Pakistan is facing immense challenges to its security which is related directly to external threats. The sensitive security of any state is a sweet dish for massive key players of international politics as well as for local players to ensure their interests.
Though, high rates of terrorism are the outcomes of American attack on Afghanistan in October 2001 has deplored the security situation of the country beyond degrees. Additionally, it has brought a lot of foreign clout in the region but especially in Pakistan because Pakistan has a particular geo-static location in the region. Pakistan’s security challenges can be categorized in classic and non classical challenges.

As for as classical challenges are concerned, terrorism remain to be the major threat to the internal security of Pakistan. However, crimes do have a strong core. Drug monopoly, criminal gangs have joined hands with terrorists for financial interests. Terrorism and crime are the major challenges with entertainers of threats are given below.
• Tribalism and subjugation
• Political expediencies
• Weak governs
• Extremism
• Sectarianism
• Weaponization

These classical threats have particular manifestation in several regions of Pakistan. It may be noticed that the main players involved in the internal security environment are community, prelacy, militants, tribal caption and criminal mafias. Foreign players are virtually a rider passage in each case.

One of the most immense region in which these practices are carried out is Federally Administered Tribal Areas (FATA). It is the main boiling point and a source of terrorism in the country. It not only enhances terrorism in different locations of the country but also a safe corner for theorists and criminal gangs. The terrorists of this part are continuously challenging the authority of the government. Tehreeke -e-Taliban Pakistan (TTP) is the major organization which is operating in these areas and moreover is a composition of twenty eight different groups.

Along with the transnational’s TTP, the evidence of foreign player’s interference in the region has been noticed many times. The modern weapons and training of these high profile terrorists shows the participation of foreign entities in Pakistani regions.

About 4000 people had been murdered in 2012 among which 600 were security personnel and rest were civilians. Terrorists assailed 1485 times on security forces and the security forces arrested 1138 terrorists during 2012.

The above mentioned facts and figures show the vital range of activities that terrorists do in all the parts of the country and majorly in tribal areas.

Several International steps Taken by Different Governments which can be taken into account
Ø At the international level, one can begin with the poin that the US and its Saudi partner should stop trying to counter international cutthroat by giving support to the organizations that commit terrorist acts, a measure both governments have taken in Afghanistan, Libya, and Syria.
Ø It is that much essential to facilitate a negotiated end to ongoing wars, especially, in Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Syria and Yemen. This holds that US led efforts to weaken the governments of Syria and Iran have to stop.
Ø Demolishing Western military roots in the greater Middle East, most of which are American, and withdrawing the forces is a critical step. These roots facilitate US led imperialist wars and their presence functions as a threat against political actors who may wish to chart a course with a view toward the welfare of the local population rather than to US dictates.
Ø As an outcome, many in the region quite reasonably understand the bases to be elements of imperialist domination and they contribute to fuelling the hostility to Western societies often at play in bombing attacks like the one in Manchester.
Ø Abolishing to prop up tyrannies, such as those which rule Egypt, Jordan, the Gulf countries and Israel, by ending weapons sales and military aid to all such states should be a key part of any effort to minimize terrorist attacks

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