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(Muntazir Mehdi, Karachi)

Student union in universities and colleges play a very important role. The union always raise voices for the rights of student and solve their problems through peaceful ways with the university administration. They carry on their activities through regular annual elections in universities and colleges.

The sole objective of the student union is to highlight and solve student’s issues and to organize different kind of educational and extracurricular programs like quiz competition, Book Fair, mushaira, and sports program.Young people who participate politically in their community from early on are more likely to become engaged citizens and voters. So in order to have better “young” citizenship, politics is one of the best tools.

Islamabad: A resolution passed by senate on the revival of student unions in educational institutions in 2017, However, the Senators worried that the federal and provincial governments must ensure that a no-weapons policy is strictly observed on campuses and that administrations maintain peace in educational institutions by making unions follow a set code of conduct. No student should be granted membership of a union without clearing all exams, they added.

Referring to the Supreme Court's 1993 ban on student unions, the resolution said that restoring student unions will not be a violation. of court orders because the Constitution of Pakistan gives everyone the right to form associations. Student union were banned during Gen Ziaul Haq's regime. The order was cancelled by the late Benazir Bhutto in 1988; however, in 1993, the Supreme Court imposed a ban on unions on the grounds that they contribute to violence on campuses.
The student unions provide a platform for students to participate in social and educational activities and protect their rights at the same time, and this plat form is very important and useful because of student politics leadership qualities of students are developing and they can serve country in very polite way because they are educated, they know about ground realities. Student unions or student politics banned because of some elements that is not good sign that if some students spoiling this plate form for their personal favor. If a students or a group of students spoiling this plate form, then they should be banned but not the whole plat form. So hopefully Pakistani government allow students unions in universities for future politicians and politics.

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