Shining Sindh and Political Gains

(Zubair Akbar Tahir, )

I was amazed to hear on television that Opposition Leader Mr. Khursheed Shah while addressing a political gathering in some where KhyberpakhtunKhwa said that if someone wants to see good governance, high quality medical facilities being provided to patients and quality education is being provided to children of Sindh, he may visit Sindh to witness the development in all three sectors.

The opposition leader is living in the era of 90s, where there was no access to news, and nobody was aware of developments and happenings around. Now communication has become so easier. He must know that we are living in era of ‘social media’. If electronic media missed something alarming to cover the social media is there to fill the gap immediately. Now everybody have access to news and events happening in any part of the country either in Balochistan, Sindh or anywhere in the country. In recent pass we have witnessed massive social media campaigns seeking justice or inviting attention of authorities towards that social issues.
Perhaps Mr. Khursheed Shah don’t know the facts or he is deliberately hiding the facts. Everybody knows that Sindh is home of corruption. Every department of Sindh either education department, health department, revenue department or police department all are sinked in corruption. Hospitals have neither medicines nor doctors, the paramedics are practicing their doctorial skills on poor patients, according to many reports there are thousands of ghost schools in Sindh. The revenue department and police department have high grade of political influence. There is no access to the justice and people have to pay bribe to get their legal matters done in revenue and police department.

The head of departments, the so called leaders are also involved in corruption. In past Mr. Sharjil Inaam Memon and Dr. Asim Hussain have been arrested on billions of rupees corruption charges. The provincial or federal governments have been failed to take concrete steps to eradicate corrupt practices among its ranks.

On the other hand the army had been putting pressure on the provincial authorities to handle the corruption cases and remove the corrupt ministers from their portfolios. The authorities in Sindh didn’t bother to take action properly and just changed the portfolios of ministers while doing little changes and moving the same corrupt people from one ministry to another.

The matter of fact is that the whole gang is involved in making money by looting public money. Mr. Khursheed Shah, must recognize that still the people of sindh are living in 18th century, with no medical / health care facilities, no quality education and no justice. In 21st century, today as well a human being and a donkey have to drink water from the same pond. Still there are babies who are dying due to non provision of medical facilities and male nutrition. Yes thousand of women dies during delivery due to non availability of proper medical facilities. Yes there are lacs of children compelled to do labour because of poverty.
Mr. Khurshed Shah is talking about some other Sindh, our Sindh is sinked in corruption because of their lust of money. Now the things have been changing people got awareness through social media and want to bring change. They wants to shake the system. They talks about rights of peasants the labour who are the backbone of our economy. Equal rights for all, talks about their all due rights including health facilities, education to their children, shelter for them, provision of jobs and justice.

Zubair Akbar Tahir

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