Pakistan: A Post-Colonized State

(Maryam Jawaid, )

As we go around the world today, we tend to find insoluble conflict in various areas especially in those which were once colonized or controlled by Western European States. The source of many of these extensive conflicts were the aftermaths of the past colonial policies regarding territorial boundaries, the treatment of indigenous populations, the privileging of some groups over others, the uneven distribution of wealth, local governmental infrastructures, the formation of non-democratic or non-participatory governmental systems and the list goes on and on.

Despite its fair share of terrible misfortunes, Pakistan made itself known to the world. I, as a dweller of such a State, have come to realize that the roots of my nation that were supposed to be indigenous to our rich culture were; by time, mixed with foreign element and by foreign element I humbly say I mean the British. Not that it’s improper to accept what is right, the debate is however that accepting a new culture by diminishing oneself along the way, is certainly undignified, but even now they are given the carte blanch to impose upon us what they deem fit.

It is quite disturbing that the culture and language we should take pride in, is considered ancient to the point that is considered to be placed in a museum and soon to be replaced by English an ever modern means of communication. If I have to reach out to the world, it should be through English and if the world wants to meet me, it should be through English. However vast range of words may be in my language, I cannot use it amongst the most civilized lot. And if I do use my own means of communication, I seem like a fool who is revived now only to be killed again the next moment through the vile judgments passed by that very civilized lot.

It seems, as it is, that we as nation may have breathed freely for a few years, however; had no proper measures taken to restore our roots by filtering the foreign element from them, then certainly it is quite foreboding that we will descend towards an inevitable failure to find our cultural identity.

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آپ کی رائے
I really liked your way of expressing, the words are simple and the tone is both formal and angry. but I think it needs more substance
By: Khalid Mahmood, Karachi on May, 28 2018
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