Undone business

(Ameer Hamza, Peshawar)

The inception of 21st century was initiated with a latent agreement between pakistan armed forces and naik muhammad wazir who was fighting in Afghanistan against anti mujahideen government and American on behalf of afghan mujhahideen.according to the agreement naik muhammad was assigned to fight only in Afghanistan on which he was agree but in 2004 the Pakistan allied naik muhammad   was assassinated in laser guide missile attack because of  which his wazir  tribe of wanna interpret this action as betrayal. They started establishment of a volunteers group to retaliate and take a revenge of naik muhammad. This group was initially only limited in wannah and after expansion of group then its became a T.T.P.

With the  passage of  time, TTP started to be appealing & gained  momentum attracting many of the youth  esp.  people of wazir tribe from wannah. They propogated the notion of Jihad  in the name of Allah thereby getting helped economically & being provided with food&shelter. Moreover, the TTP started exploiting& abusing the power in the name of Jihad in their own favour  for their own self interests. Most of  Afghanistan mujahidden  was invited in which mostly was uzbak, arab and tajik to south waziristan agency wannah.  When the time passed, people realized that the foreigners are here for something else instead of islam and jihad because of  the incident of the assasination of three young wazirs at wannah bazar.

Instantly,  here a war began between Pakistan and T.T.P.  Here a leader was introduced names Abdullah (alam jan) he was handicapped in Afghanistan during a blast he lost one leg. Like a spectrum they took over the south waziristan and became very muscular by the joining of innocent and brave and patriotic mahsud to safe Pakistan from future invasion of America which was totally mis guidance and cheating with mahsud tribe after Afghanistan. Here mahsud repeated the wazir failure approach by providing support to T.T.P. they were using high mountain non custom  jeaps with black mirrors. The tribes elder and conscious malaks such as khandan malakshai, sardar aman u den and Ali wazir 7 family members was martyred for retarding opposition against T.T.P.

There came a  twist  by introducing a new leader of T.T.P known as Baituallah who was imam in musjid at mamashkhail bannu. Abdullah and turkistan battani became his lieutenant and taught searching for  eternal and inexhaustible power. They began to build homes for foreign ; the  so called jihadists. During Musharraf era 300 Pakistan army soldiers with heavy arms were captured by few Talibans with almost no arms in waziristan which make them popular amoung people. But the whole course of action changed  when Abdullah announced separation from Baituallah the reason of  which was not explained by him later alam jan mentioned the reason of separation was money.

Abdullah made his own group with a name of Aman committee sponsored by Pakistan army against T.T.P.

In other agencies , people like mahsud tribe insist on supporting T.T.P against Afghanistan not knowing the ground realities. Later own T.T.P didnt  not remain  one group but each tribal agency nominated their  own leader and claimed themselves as they  are T.T.P.

Abdullah however  became a chairman of Aman committee and during his returning to Pakistan he was besieged by Pakistan army in zohb after which he committed suicide which generated  more deterioration in relations between Baituallah's  T.T.P and Aman committee.  Aman committee was legally held  in power in tank, dera ismail khan and bannu. They were basically anti terrorist but they started terrorism by collecting ransom  money, kidnapping and using  name of providing business security & so on. They start  killing  of those who were  in favour of baitallah  shortly people with no character  started joining aman committee for power.

Mostly Aman committee members were once In T.T.P.  Now a days most of the T.T.P members  are working against Pakistan .Banut is a relative of Abdullah who is a current chairman of aman committee in d.I.khan, tank bannu and waziristan region. The departure of army from FATA will lead to a civil war in between aman committee members and those who are treated ill by them.

The formation of aman committee is undone business they must be demolished when there is army then there is no need of such groups. The P.T.M demand is always misinterpreted they never asked for departure of army. And its seems quite authentic that there are some out state intelligence agencies which are using them according to their own means about which manzoor may know or not know that he has been used.

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